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BookBub for Audiobooks is HERE!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Welcome to Things That Make Readers Go Hmm...

Here’s a quick follow up from the Audiobook posts from last week. ( You can find them HERE and HERE)

BookBub has recently rolled out a new platform solely for audiobook deals. Say hello to "CHIRP".

Chirp offers audiobooks curated by the same editors who compile the daily book deals on BookBub and the best part, exactly like the books BookBub offer, the audio books on Chirp are free or deeply discounted. (Some up to 95% off). AMAZING.

Chirp helps those of us who dream about reading ALL THE AUDIO BOOKS, but are restricted by the cost. They are be pricey. Chirp can help with that. If you've been wanting to give audiobooks a go, Chirp offers a super easy and convenient way to do that with no strings attached as it’s free to join and there’s no subscription fee! AWESOME.

Fresh Chirp deals are added to the site every single day. You can choose to check the site at your leisure OR you can sign up to receive daily or weekly personalised emails to ensure you don’t risk missing any Audiobook deals.

Imagine visiting the website to find that audio book you’ve been agonising over purchasing because of the cost was 95% off YESTERDAY. Oh the horror!

I signed up and the daily emails I received were curated well and aligned with my choices nicely. It's a great timesaver to not have to wade through a tonne of books I just have no interest in. (I know it’s surprising but yes, there are genre which are a hard no for me and having BookChirp weed those out is FABULOUS!)

The emails come out in the afternoon for those of you in the US – which coincides nicely with many school pickup times – a fabulous time to have those few quiet moments to yourself to chose your next read before the after school chaos descends.

So make your way over to BOOKCHIRP HERE and see if it’s for you. HAPPY LISTENING.

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Until Next Time Much Love and Read Strong!

Rhonda Sermon is a USA Today and International Bestselling Author. A booklover, mother to two teens, proud Gryffindor, and Supernatural fan (#teamdean), she is followed by over 40,000 fellow booklovers across social media.

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