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Fast Facts about Rhonda Sermon the Person


  1. Rhonda is an Australian author. She has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia and is a Chartered Accountant. She taught horse riding classes to children through high school and was a qualified aerobics instructor for a total of three classes at University. There was just too much lycra involved for her to take it seriously.

  2. Rhonda has been a stay-at-home mum for the last nine years. The transition from her carefully scheduled days with everyone at the office doing exactly what she asked when she asked to having a schedule that may as well not exist it changes so much and no one doing anything that she asks, ever was a challenging one. It still is. With a tween and a teen in the house things are probably going to get worse before they get better. That’s assuming that things will actually get better and order will be restored out of the chaos of getting everyone to school, then home, then to afterschool activities and the dreaded homework. I hated homework at school and I can’t believe I have to suffer through it again.

  3. Rhonda feels passionately about building strong communities and volunteers her time to mentor small business owners within her local community. It puts her seventeen years of experience in the corporate world to good use and gets her out of her writing chair into the real world. It’s also fun.

  4. As a mother of two active children surrounded by technology in a world moving at an exponential pace supporting realistic expectations and goals for children and teens is important to her. Rhonda is passionate about promoting children embracing creative and wellness activities that will see them gain useful, practical and long term life skills. She has a special interest in encouraging creative pursuits to reduce stress and anxiety in young people.

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