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Seven Fun Facts about Rhonda Sermon—Because no one has more than seven actually fun facts to share.


  1. Rhonda failed English in her last year of high school. She was an excellent student other than that.

  2. Rhonda completed her entire Commerce degree at University without turning on a computer. Truly. There was no email when she started work and laptops were the size of an enormous suitcase. LOTUS 1-2-3 ring a bell with anyone? ( Google it)

  3. Rhonda spent her summer holidays during university teaching swimming lesson at the beach, often in the rain, dressed in a full length wetsuit each morning. She worked in a cafe every afternoon and waitressed at the local Chinese restaurant every night. To this day she doesn’t know which dish has the crunchy noodles and which has the soft noodles.

  4. Rhonda spent so much time travelling the through her twenties she remains all travelled out today. Something no one can really comprehend.

  5. Rhonda sings very loudly in the car and tends to get a bit carried away with her chair dancing. A true child of the eighties she grew up loving Duran Duran, Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Her music taste never matured. She now listens to a lot of Taylor Swift, One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer while she writes.

  6. Rhonda decided to take Tae Kwon Do lessons as research for her book. She tore her achilles tendon in her first lesson and spent six weeks in plaster and was required to have her foot higher than her heart for at least twelve hours a day for that entire six weeks. Which is much harder than it sounds. She also had to crawl everywhere at the insistence of her surgeon. There was a method to his madness. It made for a much quicker rehabilitation. Her tae kwon do career ended before it started. Both her children on the other hand are now black tip martial artists, and are well on their way to earning their black belts. Silver lining there.

  7. Rhonda lost over half her body weight two years ago after the doctor explained she was very unhealthy on the inside and unlikely to live to a very old age. Fifty kilograms down and she’s healthier and happier than ever before now. You will often find her writing in very stylish active wear now. Just because she can!

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