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Rhonda is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances. Think television, radio, your local book club, school, library and community events. Schools, book clubs and library talks are a favourite of hers. If your newspaper or magazine is looking for a witty article laced with just a smidch of satire, Rhonda is your go to person. She is an excellent resource if you would like to interview an author on the innovative and challenging self publishing route compared to traditional publishing. She also writes book reviews. For obvious reasons her favourite books to review are young adult books. She reads tonnes of these in the name of research and staying current with the market.


Book Clubs

Rhonda loves to chat with local book clubs. There is no charge for her to attend your book club. If your book club would like to read The Midnight Society please contact me here. Book clubs receive discounted books which are shipped direct to a designated address provided by you. ( This only applies for orders of 5 or more books). Contact Rhonda Here


School Visits

School visits are a favourite of Rhonda. She enjoys a casual chat with students that covers a range of topics including, the art of writing a novel, publishing a novel using the traditional and self publishing route, her experience self publishing The Midnight Society, things she did before becoming a writer, what she loves about writing, the challenges of being a writer, how much money writers actually make from their books etc. She is always looking for BETA readers to read and comment on the drafts of her next novel. Schools are able to place a bulk order of The Midnight Society books at a reduced price which Rhonda will happily sign during her visit. She will also sign previously purchased copies if studnets or teachers have them. Contact Rhonda Here


Library Visits

If you  would like Rhonda to come and do a reading or talk at your local library please get in touch. Contact Rhonda Here

Book Club
School Visits
Library Visits
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