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Audio Books - Yay or Nay? All you need to know, PLUS tips to save when buying

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Welcome to Things That Make Readers Go Hmm...

1. What You'll Need

Your phone, computer or smart device to listen to them on.

I also suggest investing in some headphones - listening to an audio book while I walk to the store, shop or clean is a favourite for me,

2. Where can you buy Audio books?

You can purchase your audio books from a number of online supplies ( Amazon, Apple, Playster, google play, kobo to name a few)

These suppliers source their audio books from the same providers. The largest is Audible.

3. How do you buy Audio Books?

It's slightly different with each seller lest look at two of the largest Apple and Amazon.

With apple you can buy you audio book directly through the app.

With Amazon you need buy your audio book through your amazon account AND download the Audible APP. You log into audible with your amazon account and any audio book you've purchased will be in your library on your audible app.

It works exactly the same way as when you buy a paperbacks or ebook. Chose the audio book you want, one click, pay and an audio file is delivered to your account.

4. Can I listen to a Free Sample before I buy?

Yes you can listen to a free sample and/or have a sample delivered to your device free to listen to later for free before you buy. The same as you can with any ebook.

5. Pricing

Be warned... Audio books can be expensive - the equivalent to buying a hardcover edition of a book, sometimes much more. I have an entire post dedicated to how to save money when purchasing Audio Books. Link is HERE

6. Downloading

You will in most cases have to be connected to your WIFI/Internet to download your audio book purchase. Audio books are big files and sometimes take 5 plus minutes to download. ( Sometimes way more – it’s absolutely the time to make a coffee, pop another load of laundry in, vacuum you get the idea!). It’s a little different downloading an audio book from different providers. Let’s look at two

When downloading from Apple

  1. You one click the audio book you wish to purchase;

  2. The book immediately begins to download direct to you device (Phone/computer etc);

  3. Click the library icon in your App; and

  4. Your book will be there ready to read.

When downloading from Amazon

  1. Leave the Amazon Website;

  2. Open the Audible App;

  3. Log into your amazon account when asked by the Audible App

  4. You will see you book ready to download and read. One click and you’re away.

There is a detailed blog post by someone else that covers downloading if you are looking for more information. HERE

If you're interested in audio books you might like to try a 30 day Free Trial of Audible - go HERE

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Until Next Time Much Love and Read Strong!

Rhonda Sermon is a USA Today and International Bestselling Author. A booklover, mother to two teens, proud Gryffindor, and Supernatural fan (#teamdean), she is followed by over 40,000 fellow booklovers across social media.

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Unknown member
Oct 09, 2019

Good info. Thanks, Rhonda

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