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I'm excited to invite you into the Hidden Realm as the Flame of Bellum sparks purple signalling The Bellum Magical Combat Academy is opening for the first time in two decades for the infamous and deadly Mage Trials. 




Mage Trials is set in The Hidden Realm, a land filled with magical humans and creatures. Hundreds of years ago in the time of King Arthur and Merlin, when record keeping was controlled by the Royal Families', humans and non-humans lived peacefully together in the Five Kingdoms which now form the Hidden Realm. 

While the Fae and other non-humans were inherently magical, the humans draw their magical power from the font of all magic located deep below the surface in the jewel caves, jewel bracelet which they

It is comprises broadly of the  Human Magical Collective "HMC" and the Dark Kingdom.


The HMC includes the four Kingdoms of Qiris, Tareen, Xaedor and Elerith. This was not always the case. There were Previously Five Kingdoms which existed happily on the mainland


Many years ago, the then King of Elerith travel to for an audience with King Arthur. He negitiated for King Arthur to bring his non magical Human Army to the then Five Kingdoms to drive the Fae and other non human magical beings including, wargs, hydras, goblins, orcs, banshee, giants & trolls from the mainland across the Abyss of Tiure to the barren and harsh lands of the Dark Kingdom.


This Righteous War raged for many years, finally ending with the Righteous Accords. The Fae agreed albeit reluctantly to leave the Mainland and live in the Dark Kingdom on the condition their Fae King remained part of the HMC Royal Quorum and continued to have all the rights bestowed upon them as every other member of the Royal Quorum.

Having witnessed the power of magic and dark magic, King Arthur was most concerned about the Fae with it's dark magic and damgerous allies roaming the world. So using powerful magic the HMC and Dark Kingdom were cloaked from the rest of the human world. Arthur also made some secret arrangements should he every need to defend the world from anyone in the HMC.


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