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I'm EXCITED for you to join me to get your

Clutter Managed...


Is your life busy? ( Possibly a little out of control even!)


Do you find the idea of taking just ten minutes each day to manage your clutter intriguing? Maybe even exactly what you need?


Hi I'm Rhonda, a wife, mother to two super busy young adults, two demanding ragdoll cats and a golden retriever with more health challenges than I have time to list.


All while I care for my parents, write books and work on a never ending garden makeover. (Seriously is anyone's garden every actually finished?) and you have my chaotic but beautiful life.


Oh and I've just added creating my online decluttering course - The Ten Minute Decluttering  Habit.

Sign up to my weekly newsletter for practical ideas, simple advice and support to help you declutter your life in just ten minutes a day. Allow yourself to indulge in ten minutes daily to clear your clutter, calm your mind and give you back hours of time to do more off what you love. You know you want to!


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